Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Remember Me to All At Home...

On May 1st one of two articles written and photographed by moi shall go on sale nationally. I am so unbelievably excited about this, I cannot tell you! They will be part of the first issue of a new magazine called Pretty Nostalgic. One is a 4 four page food feature, whilst the other is about a very treasured collection of love letters, postcards, photographs and greeting cards sent between two of my distant relatives during World War II.

I won't spoil the feature by giving much more away but the collection is something that is very special to me, with its beautiful relics of this distant era. It is filled with nostalgia and romance, each letter showing the decay of time, each unique and full of longing.

I produced a handbound book featuring the artefacts as a one off a few years ago, but I am thinking of selling a special limited edtion batch of them once the article goes on sale...

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