Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Banana & Cinnamon Loaf Cake....

Yesterday I was feeling a little down in the dumps, and when I feel like that I find some baking therapy usually helps. Some times I really want to bake but can't be bothered with all the faff and mess of making full on cakes with icing...all that mess and washing up is only going to put me in a worse mood!

Loaf cakes are the perfect thing to make on days like this. You make your one mix, put it in a loaf tin, whack it in the oven and wait...then there you have it! Instant cake! (well almost instant) Whilst baking away in the oven, the kitchen filled with the beautiful aromas of banana and cinnamon too which was a delight!

I love making this recipe, its deliciously moist and moreish!

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